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Keith Ervin - Co-founder, Chairman and Chief Science Officer - Keith has a 15+ year background in research and development in a diverse range of biological and physical sciences while inventing breakthrough technologies that deliver an ecologically sound approach to water purification and environmental sustainability. His focus is on creating circular economic and environmental solutions to solve the world’s most critical issues by fusing biomimicry with cutting edge technologies. He founded Omega Material Sciences and co-founded Spectra Naturals prior to co-founding Omega Water Sciences. Keith holds a B.S. and a B.A. from Western Illinois University.

Steve Sherman - Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer - Steve has 30+ years of experience in R&D, product development, manufacturing, site installations, supply chain management, quality assurance programs, and product launch and rollout. His diverse background from working with multi-national companies to small startups has equipped him to open and penetrate markets, lead teams, remove silos, and deliver positive results. His passion is to create opportunities for others to succeed, so they can do their part in changing the world through responsible choices to save, renew and repurpose natural resources for the benefit of all.

Glen Finkel – Co-founder and President - Glen is a clean tech innovator focused on advanced material technologies that deliver profound breakthroughs in sustainability.  He is the co-founder and president of PURETi Group; the global leader in light activated, air pollution reversal, and a co-founder of Toledo Solar - an American manufacturer of thin film solar systems. Glen has been a senior corporate executive in sales, marketing, product development and global sourcing for nearly 40 years. He is an active mentor and networker, and a former clinical psychologist, commercial fisherman, and "shoe dog". Glen holds a BS degree from the U. of Pennsylvania and an MS in Clinical Psychology.

Jim Doucher - Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President - Jim has 25+ years as a Global Finance and Operations Leader with expertise in finance, operations, information technology and administration across diverse industries. Highly engaging and personable team builder, trusted advisor and collaborative problem solver with a reputation for partnering across the organization to deliver strong contributions to profitability, productivity, ROI and efficiency. Jim has worked with small start-ups to large multi-national organizations and is adept at navigating the corporate landscape and elevating the team. His passion is to simplify the financial reporting and metrics in order to allow the “non-accountant” to easily grasp the numbers. This provides the data/tools to make timely decisions that positively influence the bottom-line. Jim holds a CPA/CMA professional accounting designation from Canada, as well as a B.A. in Economics from the University of Western Ontario.

Alan Warmbier - Chief Operating Officer - Alan has 20+ years of experience in strategic planning and engagement. A West Point graduate and Army veteran with national and international experience, he specializes in leading teams on demanding projects requiring intricate planning and precise execution. With an emphasis on economics and teamwork, he focuses on running organizations that get things done right, on-time, and safely. Overseeing training and supply chain management, Alan makes sure OWS personnel have the right skills and resources for the toughest jobs. He is a scholar and enjoys university teaching to both peers and trainees. His passion is coaching and he devotes time as assistant coach to the local high school swim team and is an exceptional role model.

Russell Terry - Chief Information Officer - Russ has 25+ years of experience in computer software and hardware design, development, integration and installation. His time working with global companies taught him the requirements of developing and delivering a complete solution that solves the needs - from sales to supply chain to operations - of the customer. His abilities include real-time problem solving to leverage big-data. His passion is to develop solutions that benefit others allowing them to impart positive change to the world around them.

Dom Cotugno - Chief Commercial Officer - Dom has 38+ years of highly successful “C-Level” Fortune 500 selling experience having held various sales, sales leadership and marketing positions at General Electric Company.  Dom is skilled, customer-focused relationship leader helping businesses manage change, challenges and opportunities.  His passion is finding and providing solutions to assist companies optimize growth and net income.  

Brandy Seong - Business Manager - Brandy has 10+ years experience in customer relations and quality assurance. She has spent the last three years implementing solutions to enhance project, process, and business management. By creating front-to-back business solutions for customers from many industries, she has improved the effectiveness of their teams. As Business Manager, Brandy will focus on aligning the external priorities of our customers with the internal structure of the organization. Her passion is creating sustainable business practices and to make the world a better place.


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