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Agricultural Wastewater

Agricultural Wastewater Solutions


Option 1: Treatment of Standing Lagoons and Ponds

  • This option treats waster water that is washed or piped into standing ponds 

  • Uses Omega Probiotics and Omega Advanced Filtration

  • Common applications are hog and livestock lagoons (CAFO)

Option 2: Direct Treatment of Water

  • This option treats the water as it is produced

  • Contaminated water is piped directly into an Omega Solution

  • Ideal for areas with no standing water, sometimes used in poultry and livestock meat processing or slaughterhouses

Test Results

Independent testing showed a 95% drop in Biological Oxygen Demand and 80% drop in Chemical Oxygen Demand

94% Reduction of Nitrogen and Phosphorus

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) reduced to nearly zero

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Before & After

Refinement process and finished water is environmentally responsible