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Coal Fly Ash Lagoon Remediation

Coal Fly Ash Lagoon Remediation


Phase 1: Primary Conditioning

Our primary treatment of Coal Fly Ash lagoons includes infusing our Omega Probiotics and allowing it to dwell in the lagoon. Pumps and dosers ensure the correct injection of Omega Probiotics are being infused. Omega Water Sciences homogenizes the entire lagoon and we let our Omega Probiotics, time, and chemistry do the work for this initial phase. 

With this approach we are able to accomplish the following:

  1. Omega Probiotics lower chlorides, selenium, VOC’s, carbon, and solids.

  2. Rapid infusion raises the dissolved oxygen effectively reducing the BOD and COD while simultaneously initiating rapid metabolization of specific contaminants 

Phase 2: Solids Phase Separation

Removal of solid waste

Phase 3: Omega Advanced Filtration

Reduction of dissolved minerals, heavy metals, salts, etc.

Phase 4: Final Polish 

Clean water, environmental remediation, land and real estate reclamation

End Result: Environmental Remediation and Reclamation of Site


Fast response and commission time

Range of contaminants removed, including radionuclides

Mobile, modular, scalable, and high volume

Carbon negating

Environmentally Friendly

Provides a complete remediation solution - including the soil below the lagoon