Omega Water Services

Harmful Algae Blooms

Harmful Algae Blooms


Option 1: Closed-Loop Treatment

  • Algae-dense water is pumped into the Omega Mobile Refinery and clean water is returned to the source

  • Algae, toxins, and excess nutrients are captured and removed

Option 2: Targeted-Area Dispersion

  • This option spreads specially-designed media onto large in-shore, near-shore, and off-shore blooms

  • Algae and toxins are ensnared, rendered inert, and sink

A Different Type of Approach:

Solving underlying problems and breaking the cycle of damage to the environment


Treats the algae cycle from start to finish

· Safely captures any type of algae

· Removes nutrients that cause algae growth

· Locks in dangerous toxins like microcystin that other treatments leave behind

· Proactive treatments help prevent new blooms

Provides flexible, rapid algae removal options

· The Omega process captures algae instantly

· Treatment units are mobile and can be vehicle, boat, or shore-mounted

· Scalable for large and small bodies of water

Does not create additional ecological problems

· No harsh chemicals

· pH Neutral

· Does not kill beneficial wildlife/organisms

· Uses all-natural, non-toxic mineral compounds and mechanical separation

Case Studies


Small Scale Pond Treatment


Shoreside Deployment

Omega Mobile Refinery was dispatched shoreside to remove algae and toxins


Before & After

Clean Water Remains Once Hazardous Material Is Removed