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Petroleum Wastewater

Petroleum Wastewater


Phase 1: Separation

  • Oils and large particulates are removed

Phase 2: Metals & Radiation

  • Radionuclides and heavy metals captured

Phase 3: Omega Advanced Filtration

  • Omega Advanced Filtration removes TDS

End Result: Finished water is environmentally friendly


Removes broader array of pollutants

· Other techniques focus on only a few pollutants

· Eliminates dangerous toxins that incomplete treatments leave behind

· Removing all pollutants and radionuclides in one process is more economical

Does not create additional ecological problems

· No harsh chemical or toxic treatments

· Clean water is fit for agricultural and industrial reuse

· Uses all-natural, non-toxic compounds

Safely and quickly captures toxins

· Prevents toxins from leaching into soil/water

· Drastically reduces the volume of contaminated material (over 90%)

· Effective against pollutants found in fracking and other petroleum industries